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re:build – An Interview with Cofounder Tony Dewan

Tony Dewan

You may have seen my recent post encouraging you to attend re:build, a web design and development conference taking place in Indy on July 29th. Since the moment I first stumbled upon the conference website I’ve been impressed with the the event and eager to attend. As a 5 (or is it 6?) year veteran of SXSW Interactive, I’m pretty sure there’s more to get out of this single day event than two weeks in Austin (sans great barbecue and crazy geek parties).

After a few months of wondering who the masterminds were behind the event, I was fortunate enough to run into one of its cofounders, Tony Dewan. Tony has graciously accepted my…

The Must Read Hit of the Summer

Ethan Marcotte's Responsive Web Design

Following up Lauren’s summer reading list, I’d like to suggest that Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design is the one book web designers and developers can’t afford to miss this summer.

Last November I wrote this little rave about responsive web design. The general idea is to use media queries in tandem with fluid layouts and flexible width images/media to create websites that respond in real-time to the size of a visitor’s screen.

It’s pretty cool, and good for your visitors too.

If you just can’t get enough, check this out: Ethan Marcotte is speaking in Indy at…

Speeding Things Up with CSS3

If you’re considering using CSS3 on your next project you may have some questions about how the benefits really measure up. It turns out there are gains to be had in both site performance and production time.

Smashing Magazine published an article by Trent Walton a couple of weeks ago titled CSS3 vs. CSS: A Speed Benchmark. In it, Walton outlined an experiment he conducted to test the potential speed gains he’d assumed could be garnered from using CSS3 techniques.

CSS3 produced a site that was 9.5% smaller, had 45% fewer requests, and was developed 33% faster

Walton built a HTML and CSS framework as the starting point for his experiment. He then styled the site–first using CSS3 and then a second version using standard CSS…

Launching JabuAfrica

Recently we had the opportunity to work with David & Sarah Castor to help design and develop the visual identity and website for JabuAfrica. Although we typically work within the technology industry, we are always excited to work with clients from various verticals, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support the growth of this organization.

JabuAfrica is a non-profit organization that is focused on financially and emotionally supporting grassroots organizations in Africa, that are dedicated to working with orphanages. The Castors have personally participated in a variety of these organizations as they have grown their family of five through adoption from Ethiopia, South Africa, and Kinshasa.

We began our process by solidifying the organization’s name, JabuAfrica, a seemingly perfect…

Books for the Sea Change

Although the landscape of designing for the web is always changing, the last year has been a particularly aggressive one in terms of advancing the practices being used in design and production. All of the books in this list were published in the last year (with the exception of Designing for the Web–published in 2009) and they mark a sea change in designing for the web as a medium.